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Speed riding is an explosive cocktail combining air sports and skiing. It’s the new winter sliding sport.

Playing with gravity with skis on, jumping just over dozens of meters, then landing in inaccessible snow fields, this is what speedriding has to offer !

A qualified and skilled team

We all are passionate people having a unique experience of this sport and 10 years field experience teaching.

The Team

Customized training courses

Whether you want to discover Speedriding or actually becoming autonomous, Les Arc Speedriding School can help and assist you.

Training Courses

An unforgettable gift

Do you want to make someone happy ? A speedriding training session in Les Arcs Speedriding School is an unforgettable gift !

Gift Voucher

Jerome Bes

Jerome Bes


Arnaud Baumy

Arnaud Baumy


Guihem Lafont

Guihem Lafont


Exceptional surroundings and conditions

All our instructors are state-certified paragliding teachers and FFVL (Fédération Française de Vol Libre) qualified to teach speedriding.

Jérôme Bes, the school manager, and Arnaud Baumy now take part in the new instructors training.

“You don’t have to know how to pilot a wing to start learning speedriding ! The most important is to feel comfortable with skis on.”

A Top-Of-The-Line Gear

We realy want to use high-end equipment during our sessions. We use a recent and adapted gear.
We equip each trainee with a specific speedriding gear : wing, harness, helmet, dorsal protection and a VHF radio with earphones, to perfectly ear our instructions ;)

Years of experience

Test Center

Come and test Little-Cloud and Neo very lastest wings models ! Little-Cloud, Gin Gliders and Neo !

Get ready to experiment incredible feelings !

Pleasure, freedom, safety…
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